Anti-Valentines Day Getaway Spots

We feel you, single people. You abhor the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day, which you prefer calling “Single Awareness Day,” and you just want to get away from the romantic madness. If you have the resources to travel abroad, you can take a break at these places for the perpetual singles, the romantic cynics, and even the broken-hearted. For obvious reasons, Paris is not on the list.

Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb, Croatia) – What started as a small-scale art project by two former lovers (separated amicably, mind you) became a popular venue visited by people from all over the world. This museum features exhibits of mementos donated by those whose romantic relationships did not go well. Items on display range from crappy souvenirs, stuffed animals, and some lingerie.

Hans Brinker Hotel (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – This hotel, located within short distance to the city’s main sights like the Rijksmuseum, removes any trace of romanticism. Guests are greeted with the most basic of facilities, including dorm-type rooms with “doors that lock.” In exchange, you get to stay in one of Europe’s chic cities at a bargain price. It even has a bar at the basement where you can take shots at basement prices (pardon the pun).

Capela dos Ossos (Faro, Portugal) – There are several bone chapels in Portugal, but the Capella dos Ossos in the backyard of Igreja de Nossa Senhora Do Carmo (Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) is one of the best. The bone chapel greets you with the inscription, “Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you 1816,” a reminder about the ultimate event in our lives. It only costs one euro to visit the church, which is entirely lined with skulls and bones of over 1,200 Carmelite monks. Once you have enjoyed your trip to the bone chapel, highlight by a gold-coated skeleton, take a trip to nearby Guia, a parish in the municipality of Albufeira. It is here where Sir Cliff Richard’s vineyard, Adega do Cantor (Winery of the Singer) is located. You do not need to know the Richard and his discography, but you can enjoy the wine together with his female fans.

Mummification Museum (Luxor, Egypt) – The main subject of this building may be morbid, at least it is highly likely that your visit would not be ruined by a hand-holding couple. Roam freely through the museum’s exhibits and learn a thing or two about the country’s ancient mummification process, including the tools of the trade, the jars where the organs of the deceased were placed, and even mummified animals. Do you know ancient Egyptian embalmers left the hearts of the mummies intact, but removed the brain? It is because they believed the heart is the source of intelligence.

Playa de las Americas (Tenerife, Canary Islands) – Since being single is not all about being bitter and cynical about love, have a bit of fun on one of Spain’s autonomous communities. Located in Tenerife’s western coast, Playa de las Americas is among the island’s many family-centric resorts. Take your family with you and embark on some crazy adventures, such as following bike trails to hiking along Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak.

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Photo credit: Museum of Broken Relationships
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